Silence…. At sea there is plenty of it and not much at the same time. It’s amazing the number and volumes of the different sounds on the yacht. It’s one of the things that has surprised me, particularly the sounds of the water flowing under and around the hull. One the other hand, being so(…)

Introducing Team Excellence

Introducing Team Excellence, the self-appointed name of the crew of CV 28. Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been working hard to put into words what we want the team to be and what we want to achieve throughout the next year as we sail around the world. After some serious deliberation and much(…)

Team Building

Last weekend, along with thousands of families on their summer holiday in the New Forrest the crew of CV28 descended into the area for a weekend of team building. After much preparation and planning a venue was secured and details were circulated. A monstrous amount of food was purchased, which might have included a bottle(…)

Updates, Updates, Updates!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here in the Clipper world. With only 25 days remaining until the race starts, all of the outstanding details are starting to fall into place. Over the last couple of months Clipper have been releasing information on the route, the teams, and the sponsors as it’s been finalised.(…)

Patience & History

After a great break in France, I was ready and keen for some more sailing. I’d signed up for a race from the UK to France and the return trip. It was with a different boat, not related to Clipper. The yacht was Wild Spirit, a smaller boat at 40’ and much more comfortable as(…)