Clipper 68s

The race is completed by a fleet of identical yachts. Our race will be run on a new fleet of boats, currently being finalised. As the yachts aren’t yet ready, all of the training and sailing to date has been done on the old fleet. These boats have been around the world 4 times already(…)


Sailing a boat can vary from being a simple job for one person on a little dinghy to extremely complex manoeuvres requiring 12 or more people on a large racing yacht. The Clipper 70’s fall into the latter category, with even the simplest sailing manoeuvres requiring at least 5 or 6 people. Add into this(…)

And the start port is….

After much speculation Clipper has officially announced the start and finish port. On September 1st the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race will leave from St Katherine Docks, London. The official announcement is here, and a video of the announcement here. St Katherine Docks is in downtown London, not far from the Tower Bridge and(…)