Introducing Team Excellence

Introducing Team Excellence, the self-appointed name of the crew of CV 28. Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been working hard to put into words what we want the team to be and what we want to achieve throughout the next year as we sail around the world. After some serious deliberation and much to and froing, the motto and logo have been completed.

The name Team Excellence was suggested by our Skipper Chris during Crew Allocation. He wanted something that embodied his vision of a team that was continually striving for improvement. The name was embraced by the crew, not without some probing and understanding. To expand on the name, a motto was drafted which provides more details on what we are all about.

Team Excellence – Striving for excellence in our ocean racing adventure through teamwork, determination, and passion.

And to show that off to the world a logo, shown below. This will become very familiar over the next year as we intend to plaster it in lots of places, including on shirts and hopefully a little corner of the yacht.

01. Team Excellence Logo - Full Version

Alongside this we selected a song to embody our approach and ethos for the race. After many options and much listening to songs that either a) had inspirational lyrics, b) had motivational music, or c) had of both, we selected one to be our team song. The official team song of Team Excellence is Right Here, Right Now by Fatboy Slim. While it might be a little short on original lyrics, the ones it does have sum up our approach. This is our adventure and we are going to embrace it, Right Here, Right Now.