Team Building

Last weekend, along with thousands of families on their summer holiday in the New Forrest the crew of CV28 descended into the area for a weekend of team building. After much preparation and planning a venue was secured and details were circulated. A monstrous amount of food was purchased, which might have included a bottle or two of rum (we are sailors after all). Sally’s poor little car could barely chug along the motorway it was so laden down with grub.

Friday night was a chilled affair with people arriving. Conversations were struck up and we started to build on the relationships formed during Crew Allocation and training. There was some great banter and the team song was repeatedly played by the Skipper. So much so, that one crew member who was originally less than enthusiastic with the choice was heard to remark ‘that tune does grow on you’!

Saturday was the big day, with a couple of key activities planned. The first was a hook-up with crew who could not make it in person, including those in other corners of the world. 36 of the 58 people in the crew are from outside the UK. After some technical difficulties, we’d be in trouble if there was a lot of electronics involved in sailing a yacht, we managed to have a good chat with a majority of the crew. The afternoon was spent at a zip-line activity, which involved climbing up trees and sliding down wires, all in a very safe manner. It was great fun and a solid reminder of some of the safety processes that will become second nature as we sail around the world. A BBQ rounded out the evening, with many more conversations, banter, and playing of the team song.

Sunday was recovery and a very chilled day, lots of relaxing as people packed and left back to their normal lives. There are a couple of pictures from the weekend are below.