About Me

When you tell people that you are going to sail around the world, most people do a small double take to process it, make sure you are serious and then almost always they ask ‘Why?’.

It’s a fantasic question. The short answer is a combination of ‘Why not’ and ‘It is going to be an amazing adventure’. Aside from being an adventure, there will be plenty of amazing experiences along the way. Also appealing are things like: working with a team, the southern ocean, sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge, the Panama Canal.

I’m a regular sailor in Sydney, enjoying the beautiful harbour on a weekly basis. I have some offshore experience but nothing that would be considered a large amount. So this experience will be similar to things I’ve done and at the same time completely different, including some of sailing’s ultimate challenges.

Like a lot of people, I initially became interested in the Clipper race on my commute to work. They do have an effective marketing campaign. The idea of doing something so challenging and different was enough to prompt me to follow up. A visit to the boats that were in Australia, an application, and an interview later I was signed up for an amazing experience.

Why a blog. So my mother doesn’t worry, of course! Jokes aside, it’s a record of the journey, something I can look back on. It’ll allow friends and family to understand what this is all about and enjoy some of the trip with me.

Some Useless Stats:

Age: 35
Nationality: Australian
Living in: Sydney, Australia
When not sailing: skiing, cycling, playing hockey
Profession: Management Consultant