Silence…. At sea there is plenty of it and not much at the same time. It’s amazing the number and volumes of the different sounds on the yacht. It’s one of the things that has surprised me, particularly the sounds of the water flowing under and around the hull. One the other hand, being so(…)

Updates, Updates, Updates!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here in the Clipper world. With only 25 days remaining until the race starts, all of the outstanding details are starting to fall into place. Over the last couple of months Clipper have been releasing information on the route, the teams, and the sponsors as it’s been finalised.(…)

And the start port is….

After much speculation Clipper has officially announced the start and finish port. On September 1st the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race will leave from St Katherine Docks, London. The official announcement is here, and a video of the announcement here. St Katherine Docks is in downtown London, not far from the Tower Bridge and(…)