Level 3 Training – Part 2, Training and cleaning up

The sail training component of the Level 3 course is focused on various aspects of racing and revising and solidifying anything that was still unclear from the previous levels. The main structure of the course was a series of races between the 3 boats that were completing the Level 3 at the same time. The(…)

Level 3 Training – Part 1, Preparation and life on board

I’ve just completed my Level 3 training over the last week. While it was a long and tiring week, it was fantastic and a great taste of some of what is to come over the next year. Our course started on a Monday morning, with registration and some administration. With three boats going out on(…)


Sailing a boat can vary from being a simple job for one person on a little dinghy to extremely complex manoeuvres requiring 12 or more people on a large racing yacht. The Clipper 70’s fall into the latter category, with even the simplest sailing manoeuvres requiring at least 5 or 6 people. Add into this(…)