The Race

The Clipper Round the World Yacht race is a biennial event, which gives amateur sailors a chance to participant in a yacht race which circles the globe. The race is sailed by people from all walks of life, with up to 40% of participants having never sailed before signing up.

The basic concept is a fleet of 12 identical yachts are raced by one professional skipper and 22 amateurs in a series of races. Each race takes place between 2 ports, with many crossing entire oceans. Each yacht is awarded points for their finishing position, with a winner determined based on the points at the end of the 15 races.

While the sailing is competitive and the crews vie for bragging rights, the main focus of the race is the challenging adventure. Crews will experience a wide variety of conditions from beautiful tropical sailing through the Caribbean, through the Southern Ocean south of Australia, the boiling temperatures and frustration of the windless doldrums, to rough seas and freezing conditions off China in the middle of winter. All of this takes place in stripped down racing yachts, where the concept of creature comforts are as remote as the stars. And if that’s not enough of a challenge the crews are all strangers, allocated to yachts by the race organisers. They’ll come from a variety of backgrounds, with wildly varying motivations for participation. Half of the crew will change with each leg (1 to 3 races, depending on distance), introducing new dynamics into each team.

It’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, but a challenge that I’m very much looking forward to and something that I think will be an amazing experience.

More information about the race and the company that organises it can be found on the official website.