The Yachts

One of the 12 identical 70 foot (21.3 meters) yachts will be my home for 12 months, luxury they are not!! What it is, is a lean mean sailing machine. Designed for the purpose of safely sailing as fast as possible, comfort was not a consideration. Aside from the obvious flappy bits (sails) and stringy things (lines to control the sails), there are bunks, a couple of toilets, a kitchen with a stove and oven, and essential navigation and safety equipment. Not much else really, no fridge, freezer, TV, coffee machine, microwave, DVD player, internet (aside from basic communications).

The last few yachts in the fleet are currently (March 2013) being built in China, as the previous 68’ yachts are being retired after four circumnavigations. Aside from being larger and having space for more people, the new design is a change from the old, being wider and more like a surf board. This shape is more in-line with current professional yachts and should allow for faster speeds.

More details can be found at Clipper website.